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Conditions relating to use of the Service

Lootcase.io is a CS:GO case opening site with a Provably Fair system. All available CS:GO skins ever released are available in our CS:GO cases!


Steam — On-line service, which is represented by Valve corp., who is the owner of CS:GO skins.

Website — means https://Lootcase.io/

Case — A randomly generated set of items from the CS:GO game. The user can be sure that his result is not manipulated and is completely random. This is proven by the Provably Fair system.

Provably Fair PF — Algorithm which is used to prove that all results and chances on Lootcase.io are equally random. In other words, you can be sure that there is no way to cheat the system and all users have the same chances to get an expensive item. You can see the percentage of a certain item dropped in your chosen case.

User — Person who is at least 18 years old and agrees to follow these Terms and Conditions.


These Terms and Conditions ("T&C" or "Agreement") constitute a binding agreement and govern the contractual relationship between Service Provider, hereinafter referred to as Company or "Lootcase.io" or "We", "Us"; or "Our"; and You, as the user and customer, hereinafter referred to as "User" or "You" or "Yours" of Lootcase.io website through related enabling internet, mobile or other platforms. The User must read, agree and accept all of the T&C contained in this Agreement without modifications, which include those T&C expressly set forth below and those incorporated by reference, before the User may become an active, registered User of Lootcase.io. This Agreement comes into force as soon as you click on “I'm at least 18 years old and accept with Terms of use and Privacy policy” checkbox button, by doing which you signify to Lootcase.io that you have read these T&C and accept them. By using the Website you also signify that you agree with these Terms and Conditions. This Agreement shall also apply to all Services provided via mobile devices, including downloadable applications. All references to the use of the Website shall be construed as references to the use of our Services provided for mobile devices. Company may amend and/or assign this Agreement or any rights and/or obligations from time to time. The Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy are published on the Website and may be changed at any time. The new version of these Terms and Conditions will take effect immediately upon clicking the checkbox “OK” following the text of the noted T&C and confirming that the User has read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy” presented to him/her before use of the website. By continuing to use the Website, the Services or the software offered by Company, the User agrees to be bound by the T&C as well as by the latest modifications to it. If the User does not agree to be bound by the changes to these T&C, the User must not use or access Our Services, and inform Us in writing immediately. In order to avoid misunderstandings and disputes at a later stage, Users can print out these T&C. Company may publish these General Terms and Conditions in a number of languages and shall reflect the same principles. This is done for information purposes and to help Users. It is however the English version that constitutes the legal basis of the relationship between You and Company Should there be any discrepancy between the T&C in the English version and the version in any other language, the English version shall prevail. Company reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel Services at its own discretion where the Services are illegal to use. The skins received on the web-site Lootcase.io must be used for their intended purpose, that is, for playing CS:GO. Ignorance of these Terms of Use does not exempt users from the obligation to follow them. Users also acknowledge and agree that the performance of the Service is incumbent on the performance of users computer and Internet connection. User is responsible for managing his account, payment information and password and for keeping his password confidential. Users are also responsible for restricting access to his account. In all circumstances, users agree not to permit any third party to use or access the Service.


When opening a case, you agree to accept the item you receive. Items contained in a case are generated randomly through a provably fair method. You hereby agree that the price of the case, including the Item contained within, meets your expectations and confirm that you are not entitled to claim any additional compensation from Lootcase.io. You will not use Lootcase.io in any way that violates any law or regulation, including those prohibiting illegal gambling. Lootcase.io can only be used for personal purposes and shall not be used for any type of commercial profit. The Skins received on Lootcase.io must be used for their intended purpose, that is, for playing CS:GO. You must use the Skins in accordance with the Steam Service Subscriber Agreement. You will not resell the Skins received on Lootcase.io on third-party marketplaces or otherwise trade such Skins for any thing of value.

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