Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lootcase?
Lootcase is an exciting and dynamic website where you can win amazing prizes like CS:GO and DOTA2 Skins. Our site features mystery boxes of multiple types. Each Mystery Box has a set chance to win skins for your favorite STEAM games. Every time you open a new mystery box, a random spinning wheel will determine which Skin you get. After opening the box, you can choose between taking the Skin and selling it, if you take it, it is added to your account inventory immediately! These skins are real and you can download them to your favorite game at any time.
How do I add credit to my account?
Through Loocase’s payment partners, you can add credit using virtually any payment method. We use local partners to process debit & credit card transactions - if you have a Visa or Mastercard, you can play Lootie! We also accept most major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Head over to thetop-Uppage, and make your first payment.
How do I view the products I have unboxed
Once you unbox a product, it’s automatically added to your account Inventory(accessible via the “Inventory” tab on the website). Here, you can view all of the products you currently own. You can search for items by name, arrange them by price, sell them, or have them shipped to your home.
Do I get rewarded for telling my friends about Lootcase?
Definitely. Lootcase has a competitive affiliate Program which allows you to earn money if you’ve got a reach in the fashion community, or even just a few friends you’d like to share the website with. Send your referral link to your friends, and for each purchase they make, you get a commission. Click on your profile and navigate to the Partners section to learn more.
How do I open a mystery box?
First, ensure that you have money in your account. Your account balance should be higher than the cost of the box you’re looking to open. After that, click on the box price, and you’ll be led to the unboxing window. Finally, click the “Unbox” button to open the box.
How many mystery boxes can I open at once?
For now you will only be able to open 1 box at a time, in the future we hope you will be able to open more at the same time and thus save you some time.
Leave it in the inventory
Leave it in the inventory
Leave it in the inventory